Why Join BTN

Why Become a Member?

BTN Principles and Concepts

  1. By joining Bulding Trades Network and getting to know the other members in your chapter, you have become a valuable resource to others. People are always looking for contractors and service professionals they can trust.
  2. Breakfast Meetings are held weekly at the same place, time, and day of the week without fail. The attendance policy helps ensure the success and profitability of all members of the group.
  3. Meetings follow a structured, goal-oriented agenda to maximize the time together.
  4. Each BTN chapter is open to only one member from each trade (i.e. only 1 plumber, electrician, general contractor per chapter). This allows the chapters and members to avoid competition and maximize the symbiotic nature of the Network.
  5. Each BTN member is accountable to the other members of their chapter and the BTN organization. The network is founded on the principle that all businesses are honest with each other and their referrals. All work is expected to be completed in a timely manner, and all referrals are expected to be treated with respect and integrity.
  6. Develop a simple introduction to your affiliation with BTN. During the course of your day you will have repeated opportunity let others know you are part of a group that enables you to refer trustworthy specialists, just as the other members are referring to you!
  7. Chapter growth is an easy way to ensure the success of BTN. The more members we work with the better BTNs reach. The better the reach the more opportunities we can bring to each other.