Tom Schulze – ListWell Realty

Tom Schulze – ListWell Realty has quite literally brought a new value proposition to Orange County home sellers and buyers. When you sell your home with Tom he can save you thousands of dollars on commission fees compared to the conventional 5-6% fee structure of other real estate companies by charging a flat fee while still giving excellent service and using the latest technology in our industry today. Continue reading “Tom Schulze – ListWell Realty”

Frequently Asked Questions

Building Trades Network – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes Building Trades Network different from other network groups?

A. We are professionals who only work in the housing industry. Other network groups often have multiple level marketing businesses that try to sell directly to its members. We believe when we grow our relationships though weekly meetings, events, mixers and our non-profit work we are actually building trust and better understanding of each member. We really get to know their business ethics, knowledge, experience and specialties making it far easier to refer to them to other contractors, trades people, clients, family, neighbors and friends. Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions”