Tom Gertsen – Reflections Video Productions

Meet Tom Gertsen – Reflections Video Productions

I dont shoot video….
I am a story teller of life as it happens.

Video productions are a joy for me to produce…doing what I love to do.
Youll laugh, youll cry, youll watch them over and over again, and youll share them with everyone.
I listen carefully to your needs and create great quality videos quickly and cost-effectively.
If Im filming you personally, the experience will be fun and stress free.

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Kitchen Remodel Survival – Part 5

The decision to remodel your kitchen (or ANY room) is an exciting one, but it is usually made with at least a little hesitancy. There are many unknowns when first beginning your project – you have to determine an appropriate budget, find the right contractor, plan for the disruptions, and more. Many homeowners feel justifiably overwhelmed by the prospects of a remodeling project and aren’t sure where to turn to get answers to their questions. To help you with this process, we have compiled a series of blog posts, this one is titled Kitchen Remodel Survival – Part 5. Continue reading “Kitchen Remodel Survival – Part 5”