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Dominick was brought in as a specialist by my contractor, Brian Barrington. He removed and repaired a poorly installed casement window, corrected the problems with the framing and weatherproofing and ...

In BTN we "track" results every week, every month and every year!  We join BTN to grow our business and the only way to know if this is happening, is to track it!  Each week we pass referrals (not just leads), and we meet with Chapter members both inside our own Chapter and in other Chapters (called Coffee Breaks) which helps us grow our business.

This is NOT a social club, it is a business networking meeting intended solely to grow our businesses.  Sure, we have fun doing it, and there is a lot of camaraderie and friendships that are formed within the groups, but the goal of BTN and reason we join the chapter and BTN is to grow our business.

Here is a sampling of the business that has been done and the referrals that have been passed since our calendar year that started in August, 2011

Total Chapters: 4

Chapters Referrals Given Referrals Received Thank you for Contract $ Earned
BTN Corporate 0 0 $ 0/-
Laguna Hills 0 0 $ 0/-
Newport Beach Chapter 0 0 $ 0/-
South Coast Metro Chapter 0 0 $ 0/-
$ 0

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