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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canstructon®

Canstruction®  is a Charity Fundraiser and Design competition.  Done in collaboration with the design community, specifically the industries of Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Canstruction® has an overall aim to end world hunger.

How did Building Trades Network get involved with Canstruction®  ?

Canstruction® OC became an opportunity for members to support the Orange County Food Bank, bring attention to the hunger problems here in our local community in addition to support others in the design and building trade’s community.

After serving as a sponsor in 2012, Building Trades Network was honored to be asked to be a Hosting Organization in 2013.  BTN will join long time sponsors in hosting the event:  the Orange County Chapters of the Society of Design Administrators (SDA), Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) and the American Institute of Architects, Orange County (AIAOC), Festival of the Children Foundation and Orange County Food Bank.

What exactly is Building Trades Network and why do they do community service?

BTN is an invitation only collection of professional building trades business owners coming together to create referral opportunities for members while better serving their clients and community.  BTN members stated mission, in addition to better serving their clients by sharing collective resources, is to better serve the community by working as a group to lend a hand in community service and outreach programs.  All members work with BTN corporate and their chapters to become involved with community outreach and service projects. 

How much food has Canstruction®   Orange County collected?

Canstruction® OC has raised over 200,000 Pounds since 2008.  Canstruction® OC raised nearly 64,000 pounds of food in 2012.

How long has Canstruction® been in existence?

The SDA started the event in 1992.

So what exactly is Orange County Canstruction®?

  • Teams consisting of architects, engineers, designers, contractors and students compete by designing and building 3-D structures made entirely out of canned foods.
  • There is a night designated as build night.  Teams are required to complete the construction of their design within 12 hours.
  • The completed structures are exhibited at South Coast Plaza throughout the month of September in conjunction with the Festival of Children.
  • The structures are judged and eligible for various awards.
  • The award winners at the local level participate in international competition (via photograph).  The winners at the international level are announced each year at the SDA National convention. 
  • For more information on Canstruction© OC:

Who will benefit from Orange County Canstruction®?

The Orange County Food Bank

And why?

  • Over 456,000 Orange County Residents are at risk of hunger every month
  • Orange County’s high cost of housing contributes to the need for assistance.
  • The Orange county Food Bank distributed nearly 20 million pounds of food last year.
  • In addition to direct support given to high risk citizens, the Orange County Food Bank supplies 375 non-profit service organizations.
  • The Orange County Food Bank serves:
  • Seniors on fixed incomes
  • Disabled persons
  • The unemployed
  • The homeless
  • The working poor.
  • The Orange County Food Bank also distributes over 23,000 food boxes monthly directly to high risk people in need –90% of whom are vulnerable seniors.
  • Over 25,000 volunteer hours are spent sorting, packing and distribution of food at the Orange County Food Bank
  • There is an inadequate supply of food, the demand is growing and more help is needed and you have the power to help. 
  • For more information on the Orange County Food Bank:


GIANT Thank You to the Sponsors of BTN's 2013 Canstruction OC Team!

To see a list of our Sponsors, click here.





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