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Newport Chapter ROCKS!!!  The group has been great on a number of levels.  I have brought in referrals for the other members, and have also gotten several new clients this year which has helped my ...

Building Trades Network

Collaborate. Learn. Grow.


Building Trades Network (BTN) is a collective of design and building professionals and hands-on craftsmen who have a long-standing and proven track record of reliability, fair business practices, competitive pricing, punctuality, and accountability.

Founded in 2010 by Paul McKelvey, a general contractor who wanted to increase project opportunities for McKelvey Construction and his highly-respected sub-contractors, BTN is a referral organization specially designed to meet the needs of contractors and other building trades professionals.   With 5 chapters in Orange County, BTN has more than 100 members.  Since inception, BTN's members have referred each other more than $4.5 millilon in Contract $ Earned.  

Building Trades Network has three main goals:

  1. To provide a forum for building trades and design professionals to build relationships and refer project and bid opportunities  
  2. To help educate members on best business practices through seminars and hands-on workshops 
  3. To provide help within our local communitites through volunteer and outreach opportunities

In addition, BTN offers a resource center to the building trades community.  The resource center includes secured mini storage, office space, and fleet parking.  Conference space and temporary work stations are also available for all members and affiliates to use.  

If you are interested in learning more, please click here.  

Building Trades Network

Collaborate. Learn. Grow.

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