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My wife and I got a refi from Jevon. We were very pleased with how easy it was to get a hold of Jevon and his processor Summer. He got it ...





Newport Chapter ROCKS!!!  The group has been great on a number of levels.  I have brought in referrals for the other members, and have also gotten several new clients this year which has helped my business and more than paid for my membership.  Our Chapter is fantastic and each member cares about the other members.  I have formed some good friendships and connections and am very happy that I joined this particular group!
Terry Silberstein
Web Development/Online Marketing

Getting to know BTN started with Chris Wawrzyniak (see my review of his work) and his suggestion to check out Jeff's tile work. Jeff Hart did tile work at our house in Yorba Linda. The house was built in 1986 but over the years it never had such an extensive remodel as the one we did just recently. With my wife we put a lot of work into putting this house back in shape. That meant hiring professionals and contractors. I have had mixed experiences with other contractors and networks but I must say that I am writing this with pleasure and joy of being able to recommend someone like Jeff and to recommend the BTN. The tile work was administered with surgical precision and in a short period of time. Jeff's team was fast and clean. I must say that I was so impressed with his work that welcomed his request to photograph his work in San Clemente with excitement. For most of us the important factors are our budget, contractor's ability to finish the project on time and according to the agreement. Check and check. On top of that you get a guy that makes miracles with stone and tile! Don't look further!
Slav Zatoka

I really thought I learned a lot about wood flooring after laying some bamboo in my kids room, but boy was I wrong about so many things! Hire a pro and you will actually save money. A good friend of our family gave me a flyer advertising a licensed wood flooring professional from OC with a pleasantly sounding last name: Wawrzyniak. That was one good reason to give that guy a call since I myself am Polish, too and must say that Poles know how to work hard! Chris surprised me with his knowledge and overall energetic attitude to his work. I spent so much time researching the wood online, contemplating who to hire to do the work. After the initial phone call we met with Chris and checked out lots of samples. The guy actually listens to his clients (yes it does happen!) so he offered a prefect match for our living room. The color was just right and today, after few months of my golden retriever and two lovely kids' adventures....the floor is still the same beauty! I have never seen anybody work that fast. No nonsense just pure work. Flexible is another word that comes to mind. Chris actually worked with Jeff to make sure the wood meets the tile the way we wanted. How cool is that? He and his team guy finished with base boards all over the house and even gave us clues how to fix my...well, "semi-professional" bamboo work. Saved on materials. Love the floor and my allergist just told me my indoor allergy reaction went from 3+ to negative! Strongly recommended!!!
Slav Zatoka

Rob's trade in field installation with his fellow team has been outstanding. He performed an install of 3 large butcher blocks in Rancho Mirage and Huntington Beach in June 2013. We will offer his services to our out of town clients in the Bay Area.
Stephen Kfoury
Our client's preferred installation contractor

DENNIS BISHOP was a real game changer in my search for a new home. In Autumn of 2011, I hired Dennis to inspect a property the day after I entered escrow. I knew it was a "fixer", but Dennis' experience and knowledge took the inspection to a deeper level, allowing me to make a much more informed decision. I decided to not go forward with my purchase. One year later, Autumn of 2012, I found a home that I wanted to purchase, and for a second time, Dennis was the inspector. He discovered an issue, and upon disclosing to the homeowner, I was given a $12,000 repair by the seller prior to move-in that made the purchase a very solid and secure decision. Because the property had fallen out of escrow prior to my offer, I was able to see the previous inspection report. Dennis discovered something that had not surfaced previously. That is what a quality and thorough inspector offers to one of the largest investments of a lifetime. The report I was provided gave me complete confidence to proceed, and I am now enjoying living in the home and the area I had been searching for two years to discover. You Rock, Dennis! Thank you for excellent service and quality.

I worked with Dominick for the second project today and again proved himself to provide creativity in figuring out the most efficient way to solve a complex problem. He bent over backwards to do exactly what was needed. I recommend him highly.
Jeff K.

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